Various Benefits and Advantages of IUD Contraception

For those of you who are looking for contraception to delay or prevent pregnancy, using an IUD can be the right choice. These contraceptives have a high level of effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. IUD which stands for intrauterine device (contraception in the womb), also known as spiral contraception. IUD works by inhibiting the movement of sperm into the uterus to prevent fertilization, so that pregnancy does not occur. Various Reasons for IUD Contraception Can Be Made a Choice Basically, each type of contraception has its advantages, so that its use can be adjusted to your physical condition and needs. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of IUD contraception that can be obtained: Can prevent pregnancy up to 99% The correct use of an IUD can prevent pregnancy very effectively. The chance of getting pregnant after using an IUD correctly is less than 1%. More practical IUD contraception is somewhat more practical, because in one installation, can prevent pr
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